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Saturday, December 25, 2010

After Hours is Happy Hour

When we first met, it wasn’t at the typical scenery of reality like a club or bar but more like the Hollywood movie scene bump into each other meeting. Touché as it may seem we did meet in a grocery store. The first time we almost ran into each other with our shopping carts but laughed it off and both said sorry and smiled going into the opposite direction. Not knowing what you may have thought of me during that brief encounter, I couldn’t help but to inhale the clean, sexy and mesmerizing perfume you wearing not to mention a quick smirk while continuing down the aisle from almost running into such a beautiful woman on accident.

Moments later while in the fresh food area. I found myself catching a whiff of your perfume again which caused me to use my peripheral vision in seeing you out the corner of my eye. Thinking to myself how do I gather the courage to approach such a beautiful woman in public. I mean I am tall, muscular and very handsome, pretty much the All-American kind of guy. Noticing you were having trouble deciding on which item to choose that allowed me to approach you and give my expert advice on which would be the better buy. Our conversation was what we both we needed from the look in our eyes. We then exchange names and shook hands and parted ways.

Now I’m thinking to myself, damn I still didn’t seal the deal of at least getting her number but then I thought oh well. If it’s meant to be we’ll run into each other again. After checking out and loading the groceries in my vehicle. As I’m returning my cart to the designated area I see you by your vehicle so I knew that this had to been a sign from God.

I called out your name and asked if you needed and helped which you replied, “yeah sure.”

After helping you loading your vehicle and joking in between I asked for your number, for a second you stopped, which made me think oh shit she’s going to give me the run around and you asked for number and you’ll hit me up sometimes. Now beggars can’t be choosers, not that I’m begging but you know what I mean.

So I gladly gave you my number with a smile and said, “I hope to hear from you sometimes” and you said with a smile and wink, “we’ll see.”

*Two weeks have passed by well more like ten days to be exact but feels like two to me. I randomly get a text that weekend*

An unexpected text that I received was from you, happy and blushing all over I replied, “May I call you so that I can hear your voice” and you say, “sure.”
Now that five hours of amazing phone conversation has ended we agreed to our first date for next weekend. Now it’s time to count down the days which of course are going to pass by slowly.

*Today is the day … date night that is*

As I arrive 15 minutes early to our dinner reservation at Los Sabores Deliciosos (The Delicious Tastes). Seeing you walk through the door looking more amazingly beautiful than I first seen you almost two weeks ago. I’m dumbfounded at your glowing beauty from the stunning purple dress, stilettos, and complementary jewelry you’re wearing. If I was another man I’d look to my left or right just to catch a peek at you but I’m not that guy so I’m the lucky one.

As I greet you with a hug and kiss on the cheek our table is in the VIP area that overlooks the restaurant from above with lit crystal chandeliers. Loving your scent and smile, you’re in disbelief because of the very private area we are in.

In amazement, “I pass by this restaurant all the time with my girls and I’ve always wanted to have like a real date here” you said.

“Well you know with how much we have in common, given our several run-ins at the grocery store I figured you are worth planning this for. But with me it’s only the beginning,” with a wink I said.

You smile back and based on your preferences from our several conversations I paid attention and ordered our dinner and drink selection. With conversation flowing back and forth, delicious food and great wine you ask one important question that I told you I would explain later.

“So what is it that you do or who do you know as to how we are in this VIP area?” you ask.

“I’m just a hard worker but I’m a business man … I just happen to know a lot of the people that work here” I said.

At the end of dinner you decided to skip dessert tonight which is understandable because both of our dishes were large. Happy with how things were going we ended the night with a hug and went our separate direction to our destination.

*6 months and 14 days to be exact have passed by from when we first met and how long we’ve been dating which brings us to one special day … Valentine’s Day.*

From several dates and fun times we’ve shared today I plan to explain to you what it is that I do and who I am other than what you know. Don’t worry it’s not bad though.
I text you to meet me at the restaurant we had our first date at 11 p.m. which is late and seems like it’s the end of Valentine’s Day but no worries you won’t be disappointed. As you arrive to the closed restaurant you notice candles lit everywhere and the middle in the shape of a heart with rose petals placed all over the place. With a one of the biggest smiles I’ve seen so far, I seat you at your chair and then I go to the kitchen to bring out a lite dinner. At the end of our dinner I come clean to you about what I’ve been trying to keep a secret until it was the right time.

“I’m the owner of Los Sabores Deliciosos and this is my restaurant” I said.

“Are you kidding me? I knew it had to be something close to that as to how you said you knew most of the people that worked here” you said.

“Sorry but I just wanted to surprise you and make it special at the right time but now before Valentine’s Day ends I want do something special to you so just enjoy” I said.

As I take your hand to the kitchen you notice that there are fruits and chocolate and whipped cream. I kiss you slowly and slowly while running my fingers through your hair. Then I pick you up and start running my hands down your body while we’re still kissing. Undressing each other to seeing our stunning bodies for the first time, it intensifies our anticipation of what’s to come.

I’m making my way down from your soft lips kissing down the middle of your chest bone and to your left nipple while licking around the areola slowly while grabbing the other breast for pleasure. Softly sucking on your nipple I hear you moan softly which is pretty fucking sexy to hear which makes me want to do more. I make my way to the other breast slowly lightly to kissing around your breast and squeezing the other I start to suck the nipple to once again hear you moan. Now I’m squeezing both breasts together licking the nipples at once and sucking them one by one loving how perfect your breasts are.

I start moving more south to your belly button and putting your legs on my shoulders as you lean your head back anticipating something you want. I’m kissing and nibbling on your inner thighs next to your lips which smell good enough to make me even more aroused. Continuing to tease by blowing softly and slowly around your tight lips, I hear you moan for more and I crossover to kiss and nibble on your inner thighs and tease you again by crossing over you lips blowing softly and slowly to kiss and nibble on your other inner thigh.

Feeling you grip my arms for more I tell you to lie on your back because I haven’t had dessert yet with a smile on my face. As I’m preparing my special pie I coat you with whipped cream around your breasts and on top of your nipples, a straight line down your stomach to the top of your clit. Then I coat you with chocolate and caramel syrup tracing every part I outlined with whipped cream. I take a strawberry and feed it to you slowly and take another one dipped in fudge and feed it to you.

Now it’s my turn to eat. I grab a few strawberries myself and start licking up the whipped cream from around your breast and taking a bite of a strawberry and then sucking the whipped cream, chocolate and caramel off your first nipple which is pretty hard from stimulation then on to the next nipple which is the same too. On to licking up the cream, chocolate and caramel down your stomach I eat a cherry to change flavors as I lick the last bit of cream up at about your clit.

As my soft wet lips touch your clit it sends a orgasmic shock through your body as you let out a loud moan and as I continue to lick and suck your clit in different tonguing techniques I insert two fingers slowly into your tight pussy which filled my fingers with your liquid. I make my way to your g-spot rubbing it fast in a back and forth motion making you grab my head and pull my ears and scratch my back. You tap me on my back as you can no longer take anymore. You beg for more but of me inside of you instead.

Noticing how wet and how much you’re dripping from all your lubrication you slowly grab my hard, long and thick dick. As I slide inside of you I feel you gripping me like a glove like a game winning catch. I’m stroking slow and deep as your legs are on my shoulders I then pick you up with your arms around my neck I start pounding you like a good bad girl that you are and hearing your cries of joy made me pound you harder and faster. Feeling you cum all over my dick and how wet you are dripping down my legs has turned me on to the max.

As I’m carrying you to my desk and I put you down and yourself still in stilettos bend over the desk and spanks your ass, instructing me to come here with your finger. With no hesitation I make my way over to you slowly teasing you by sliding my dick inside you as you shout [explicit words], I start going slow and deep watching myself stroke you over and over. I grab your ass and smack it hard to hear your Ooo’s and Ahhh’s as I'm pounding that spot to perfection which has you licking your lips and looking back at me.

Now it’s my time to lay back and enjoy, so I lie on the desk and let you take control. You grab my dick like a singer needs its mic. Starting slow with the head and working your way down slowly inch by inch you start to pick speed and using your hands in a twisting jerking motion. Next you climb on top and slowly and get into a sexy squatting position with your sexy stilettos still on, you sit on my stiff dick slowly by teasing the head then by up and down stroking motions. Then you change it up by riding my cowgirl starting with a grinding tease then sliding my inside of you still wet you ride me like you were an expert rodeo cowgirl.

As I’m about to cum you ride me faster to meet yours with louder moans scratching my chest we both climax together to each others satisfactions ending it with a kiss and short loss of breath.

While we are both resting there on the desk and I’m playing in your hair I tell you with a smile, “See me with me after hours is happy hour.”

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"If you know that home is where the heart is…with me. Then you can have the key to my heart forever."
- Joshua Jones

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

p.s. I love you (my appreciation to you)

For everyday I get to wake up next to you and smile. For the nights I look forward to coming home to you to end my day to start it all over by seeing your beautiful face in the morning to start my day makes me appreciative of having you in my life.

I've waited damn near all of my life to hold you, kiss you, touch you, squeeze you and some other explicit things I wish not to go into detail if you catch my drift.

I love everything about you, your smile, eyes, natural beauty and amazing body of art in my eyes that I appreciate. You're gorgeous to me because you're beautiful with an amazing personality. I see imperfections in you that you don't like that make you perfect to me.

Catering to you because you're my queen and taking my time to worship your body of art in no rush is my pleasure for being worthy of having that privilege. Being there for you to support and help solve a problem is my honor because we're a team.

The moments we share and forever will be romantic, thoughtful, fun and most of all memorable. I prayed and pray for you every night for your protection wherever you were and are and for your arrival. I need you my love. Thank you for this opportunity.

I feel that God made woman for man because he wasn't meant to live alone. So he made man a gift. Now I love God, worship, respect and appreciate him so I do the same to and for my gift which is you. I love, respect, worship and appreciate you as my gift in my life.

All I've ever wanted to be growing up was a successful father and husband in whatever I do. I thank you for choosing me and loving me for me unconditionally through thick and thin. I feel the same and do the same for you. This is why I've chosen you to be the mother of our children and the only and last woman that exists in my world as my wife.

The blood, sweat and tears through love and pain I've endured to get to you makes it all worth to have you in the long run to stand taller than before. I'm writing this just to let you know I'll appreciate you for coming into my life and making it brighter. Also building me up to be an even greater man I'm destined to be for you and our family. We will prosper in every aspect of life possible through prayer and faith and determination and patience. I'm blessed.

Thank you...Always and forever....Joshua Rashad Jones
p.s. I love you...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"If I could arrange all the stars in the sky at night to spell out your name, I would just to show you you're the only star I wish for…"
- Joshua Jones

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Possible Short Story Book Idea

From several of the responses I've gotten from the first story, Triple Passionfruit Foreplay, I've decided to have my works published into a book titled Sex, Love and Eroticism.

The three different parts of the book will include five short stories categorized to it's theme from Sex, Love and Eroticism. I may include my own quotes in the beginning before the stories begin.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea!
"I wanna sit on the sands, listen to and watch the sounds of the waves and look at the stars… the only thing missing is you…"
- Joshua Jones

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Triple Passionfruit Foreplay

From the discussion we had Sunday night, I made a mental note to myself to remember that you would be working overtime this upcoming week.

The days go by fast for you because of work but slowly for me, which I will not reveal at the moment... Just bare with me and smile.

Now that the days of the week have come to an end, this day brings us to every working individuals rejoice of the favorite acronym and phrase... "T.G.I.F" ... Thank God It's Friday!

As I'm on my way home I'm all smiles but you send me a text with a sad face saying you will be home around 8 because of needed overtime requested by the company because of your outstanding professionalism and quality hardwork in being dependable.

The time is 8:27 and I'm a little worried. But I just realized it takes about 15-20 minutes to get to and from work. Not noticing your text that later reads, "sorry I'm on the way" because my phone is on silent for a reason.

I here the keys unlocking the top bolt then the bottom lock...

*(Seeing that you're still reading this far are you ready for what's in store?)

As you push open the door I stand there look at the expression on your face with a big smile on my face.

You look down and notice rose petals trails leading to the dinner table and bedroom.

Still in shock of surprise with a wink and grin, I hand you a personalized note card that reads, "Welcome to a wonderful night of the house of Love Jones you have been rewarded for your week of hard work and has been recognized by your very loving man. You have been given three choices to choose from in whichever order you desire and can choose all three if you can handle the ultimate night of passion ahead of you. Here are your choices:"

Choice #1: Romantic candle light dinner served by your favorite choice of wine followed by a special made dessert being served by Choice #3

Choice #2 Candle lit rose petal bubble bath massage with a heart on the floor made of rose petals served by your favorite choice of wine or mixed drink.

Choice #3 Full body massage on the bed covered with rose petals followed by a specially made dessert from Choice #1 which is YOU served with whipped cream & a bowl of fruits.

*(Oh by the way all these choices except #3 are followed by conversations of your day and anything else you care to discuss. So which choice would you choose from what's on the note card?)

*(Getting back to the story...)

Now I'm no mind reader but I can only imagine what's going through your brain while processing this.

You say, "baby you know I'm indecisive at times I don't know which one I want" and I reply, "why choose one? When you can enjoy all three baby."

So here goes....

#1 I've cooked your favorite dish of pasta served with garlic cheese bread and your favorite wine. We feed each other and you ask when are we having dessert so we can feed each other but I smoothly steer you from your question by telling you to make room for it later. Now get ready for #2.

#2 You followed instructions like I gave you by joining me in the bubble five minutes after I got in so that I can watch your sexy ass come in with nothing but a towel on.... Watching slowly take that towel off and get in in front of me has me wanting to do some things to you right then but I keep composue. While conversation is flowing I'm hoping that you are enjoying relaxing by unwinding with me. As you get more and more tipsy by the minute by after a couple of glasses of your favorite drink you turn facing me on your knees in moment of slow and passionate kisses. I slowly rub my hands all over your body while I'm making water run down your back and lightly smack your ass to watch you bite your lips and smile so we can rinse off. We get out and now we are making our way to the bedroom for #3.

#3 I pick you up and carry you to the bed and pin you down by your arms and give you a slow kiss on the lips and then slowly withdraw. Don't worry .... I'm just getting up to start the iPod playlist containing our favorite R&B slow songs lasting through the rest of the night and all morning. Now back you ... You're loving how soft and comfy the dozens of rose petals feel against your beautiful naked skin. This choice of indulgence for eroticism doesn't necessarily require talking just let the actions do the speaking.

*baby making music going strong in the background*

As I flip you over on your stomach I grab the massage lotion and begin to rub every area of your body slowly from your ears to your neck then shoulders then down your spine to my favorite part of course, your nice ass then down to your thighs to one of your legs then switch to the other leg then to your calf muscles and switch to the other calf muscle followed lastly by rubbing your feet slowly one toe at a time then to the other foot toe by toe then work my way up in reverse.

Now I ask you to turn over on your back, I'm sure you're thinking you're about to get what's on your mind but I bring up what the dessert was and I say it's you... Then I take a piece of ice and rub it on both sides of your neck then around both breast then nipples down to the middle of your stomach down to one side of your inner thigh down to your ankle and then switch to the other thigh and work down to your ankle. After the ice has melted I start at the top by slowly kissing and licking up every drip of the ice trail I created.

First I'll nibble and lick both sides of your neck followed by kisses which is driving you crazy because I can tell by your body resoonses and noises then next is your perfect breasts that compliment your amazing body. I lick and suck the water of your nipples slowly then take my tongue and lick slowly down that trail to your inner thigh and kiss it slowly noticing you squirming because it's one of your hot spots and also because I'm close to your treasure spot then I kiss my way down to your ankle and repeat the same treatment of attention to the other thigh down to your ankle.

Next I'll take another ice cube but this time it's in my mouth and I'm going to multi-task giving you a hot and cold sensation all over your body by chilling you with the ice followed by a juicy kiss and soft sucking of the wet spot. Then I ask you to turn over on your back. With the ice cube still in my mouth I make my way slowly down your spine feeling every tingle and goose bump you expose then I stop at the end and lick my way up to the top of your spine and make way back down by kissing it.

Once more I ask you to turn back over. Now it's time for dessert that was just a little simple. I can tell you can't take it anymore and you're ready to beasted on but I'm still in charge and running this show. You just be ready to do your thing when I let you take over.

I'll start by dressing you with whipped cream by making circles around your breasts and topping your nipples followed by a line down your stomach stop at the border then a line down each thigh.

Now the bowl is full of fruits containing: strawberries, grapes, cherries, pineapple, peaches and mangos.

First I'll start by feeding you various fruits by playing around while laughing and kissing you afterwards.

Now it's time for me to get back to my dessert. I grab a strawberry and bite it and start licking up the circle of whipped cream off each breast then take a cherry and suck the whipped cream off both nipple and eat the cherry last. I'll lick up the trail of whipped cream I made down your stomach. I'll grab another fruit and proceed by sucking the whipped cream up off your thigh and eating the fruit last and do the same to the other thigh with another fruit. I'll continue this enjoyable pleasure until the fruits are gone.

The time has come for the main attraction, the real action you and I have been waiting for.

I ask you, "are you ready?"

Now that it's your turn. This is the part of the story or fantasy where you create your own climatic ending for a cum filled orgasmic experience of pleasure... Enjoy ....

Copyright © 2010

Love TKO

Now first off, NO I am not a boxer of any sort but we've all heard the expression, "I'm a lover not a fighter." With that being said if you're not a fighter literally, then of course you're a lover.

Whether or not you believe this or prefer to be in denial. When you're a lover, subconciously you're a fighter.

When you step in the ring, that's like entering his or her life.

Now the bell has rung and the fight has begun, that is for their love. Now you're pretty good on defense about keeping your guard up but your offense is strong in attacking, that is, making your target weak for you.

Now your attacks are going good and you're taking hits pretty well and still able to keep your guard up.

After going back and forth for a while, you've got them weak for you but this
round... is like what's going on?

The love hits being thrown at you left and right and in combos (as you may say still relating this to boxing) is catching you off guard and weakening your defense until one final blow to the head/heart causes a TKO...

Love has won and taken control over your body. You put up a good fight with trying not to fall for them. But in the end the love was too strong and causes you to take the L.

Love TKO is what it is. That powerful and uncontrollable force of nature that will win no matter how much you try to fight it...

Copyright © 2010

The Marching Heart

The marching heart is what operates my mind, body, and soul.

The tempo varies sometimes depending on the specific emotion ranging from fast to slow or vice versa.

Although this is a one man or woman band, there is only one driving force behind the reason why it thumps different rhythms of "love dove...love dove."

* Now before I continue, the scientific sound that the heart makes is "lub dub...lub dub." To me that sounds close to love dove as to why this person makes my heart beat of different rhythms.

Now back to the note... the drummer, if you prefer or the significant other who is the driving force of your life, is the reason why your heart beats.

Without this drummer or significant other you wouldn't be able to march through life. You would have
no pulse, no rhythm...

Non existence is what you would be or
feel like. This is the reason you need them. To make your heart march...

Copyright © 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blue Skies

Inspired by my first overall experience of a round trip flight.

Upon take off and being lifted thousands of feet in the air, the first thing you do is look left or right through your window, that is if you're brave enough. The feeling is surreal.

While looking out the rectangle window that has rounded edges, you gaze upon this beautiful mass of land that god has created.

Vivid colors of blue, green, brown and any spec of existing colors consisting of various shapes and sizes.

You take nothing for granted when looking down at the land from above knowing it may be your last breath.

You think above everything you love below and continue gazing at this beautiful creation.

Slowly but surely you notice the mass of land begins to shrink as you are reaching the destined altitude.

Now your are close to the heavens above, not literally though but you gradually enter this mist of soft white clouds filled with a oceanic background.

Although you've read this far... this is the part where you relax, collect and rationalize any thoughts while creating your own ending from here...

Blue skies... Enjoy...

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